Brand New Garth Brooks - "Baby, Let's Lay Down And Dance"

Garth Brooks may have been keeping himself busy out on the road all around the world over the last two years, but he's also been working hard in the studio -- because he has brand new music coming out, and we have the world premiere of his new single "Baby, Let's Lay Down And Dance" for you to listen to right here!

"Baby, Let's Lay Down And Dance," is an upbeat song with a cheery melody, resilient guitar riffs, and catchy lyrics. The new track will definitely have fans singing and dancing along.

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Garth on his new song "Baby, Let's Lay Down And Dance"

Garth tells iHeartRadio exclusively of his new song that he felt it was an obvious first single off his upcoming new record. "It just jumps out when you hear it. It's great way to introduce everybody to the new record, and the new sound, which hopefully will fit in with the old sound, and it'll all just be Garth."

The Grammy Award winning country legend also says his new single is label-less, meaning it's a good song for fans to listen to no matter what the season or mood. 

"You have summer songs, you have your winter songs, you have up songs, down songs. This is one of those songs that has no label on it. At like 24/7, 365 when this thing pops on, it has got a groove that's infectious and I absolutely love that."

On what fans can expect from his upcoming album/box set

Being that Garth has been on a world tour over the last two years, he says that his new record is definitely a reflection of that. He tells us, "everything is geared toward that live, good feel sound."

It sounds like Garth has had a great time while in the studio recently. He says:

"It has been cool. I think how it has been different this time is the fact that you just seem, with every record, to be more grateful to still be getting to do this. I think the fun, the joy and everything, kind of gets doubled and doubled and doubled; and this one was kind of ridiculously fun where it's almost like your dad had to come in and go, 'Hey, hey, settle down. Don't forget, we're being professional here.' That was it, and a lot of magic was captured on this just simply with the fact, [that there were] no rules, all kinds of fun, and the main rule you never do in the studio that we did: Turn it up way too loud and play fun music."

Watch Garth Brooks talk about his new single in the interview below:


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