Celebs Stacking It Are Now A Thing! It's Selena Gomez's Turn

This stack from Justin Bieber during a show on his 'Purpose' tour on the weekend has made fans gasp all over the world.

Whilst it looks pretty nasty, we can assure you the Biebs is a-ok.

But it seems he's started a trend. Not to be outdone by her ex, Selena Gomez has tripped up onstage as well!

Selena is currently on tour in the US and while singing her new hit ''Kill Em With Kindness'' she took a bit of a stumble.

In classic Selena style though, she recovered like a massive champion and just took a seat.

It almost looks intentional!

She even spoke about it on stage saying ''First fall in the whole damn tour. Can you believe it'' before laughing it off.

Aww she laughed it off 😂 ""First fall on the whole damn tour. Can you believe it?" #RevivalTourTulsa

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So we're just wondering... who's next?

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