Halsey And Ashton Irwin From 5SOS Are Dating?

Halsey's basically exploded on the music scene recently, no thanks to her guest vocals on that tiny Chainsmokers song you MAY have heard played a couple times?ย 

Well, it turns out she's been getting closer - no word on whether it was in the back seat of a Rover, though - with one of Australia's pop-rock heartthrobs, Ashton Irwin.

And, naturally, they used a heckin' cut emoji set-up on Instagram to declare their young, adorable love.


A photo posted by halsey (@iamhalsey) on

The two have been friends for years - they're signed to the same label - but rumours that their relationship might be a little bit more started swirling in August, when they were spotted on what looked suspiciously like a date.

It must be pretty serious, too; they're wearing a couple's Halloween costume.ย 

See you at the wedding.

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