Lady Gaga Jumps From Roof In 2017 Super Bowl Performance

Lady Gaga started her 2017 Super Bowl half time performance with a bang, singing from atop the entire stadium.

Her song of choice was a political statement, 'This Land Is Your Land', finishing with the words "One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice," before jumping P!nk style from the roof into her 2008 hit 'Poker Face'.

Dancing with an array of back up dancers, Gaga took to the stage freeing herself from her aerial wires to perform her mega-hit 'Born This Way'.

Dressed in a silver high-necked catsuit with boots to match, Gaga transitioned between hit to hit from her earlier days including 'Telephone' and 'Just Dance' before taking to the piano to perform her newer track 'A Million Reasons' amid a sea of candles.

And then, the costume change happened as if a magical illusion, quickly ditching the high-necked catsuit in favour of a two-piece ensemble, while also bringing the tempo back up with 'Bad Romance'.

With a huge light-show engulfing the stadium and an enthusiastic crowd heard cheering in the background, Gaga's platform elevated toward the end of the track before she eventually jumped off the purpose-built stage, caught football in hand shouting "Super Bowl 51!"

Overall, an amazing show from a true performer without any indication or sign of a lip-sync or costume debacle in sight. Hats off Lady Gaga, applause all round from us.

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