OUCH! Guy Sebastian’s Just Called Iggy Azalea A "Weirdo"

It’s no secret the last season of X Factor Australia failed to wow audiences and now a very reflective Guy Sebastian has given his opinion as to why.

Admitting the panel lacked the chemistry needed, he also pointed the finger at fellow judge Iggy Azalea.

“She’s a bit of a weirdo,” he told the Herald Sun, “I don’t really get Iggy”.

“You’ve got to be invested and she didn’t turn up.”

    We're guessing it won't be long before we hear Iggy fire up about this one!

    The singer was also critical of what he described as “manufactured television”, saying “people aren’t stupid” and it was time to evolve.

    “They know when something has run its course and people are clutching at straws,” he said.

    So we’re guessing that means that’s the end of his X Factor run… then again, it looks like it could be the end of X Factor full stop.

    Would you watch another season of The X Factor?

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