Watch Beyonce's Surprise CMA Performance With Dixie Chicks!

There were a lot of stand out performances at the 50th annual Country Music Associations Awards, but no-one expected THIS!

Beyonce took the Nashville stage for a surprise rendition of her song, "Daddy Lessons," joined by none other than The Dixie Chicks, one of the most popular country girl groups of all time!

With a little bit of The Dixies "Long Time Gone," seamlessly blended in, along with the numerous background dancers, the performance was a MASSIVE hit (watch below).

Hardcore Dixie Chicks fans will know that they're actually huge fans of Beyonce. Last April they covered the song during a show in Manchester, and Queen Bey must've taken note.

And for anyone who thinks a pop icon has no place in the country music scene, well, music is music so let's just appreciate it for what it is. After all, it is the 50th anniversary of the iconic show, there's definitely room for a touch of the Queen Bey anywhere if you ask us.

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